The Psychology of Family

A Day in the Life of a Person Hooked on Drugs

September 4th, 2017

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that feeds the receptors in the brain, giving a feeling of high. From the first smoke, the first snowball, and the first snort onwards, the individual experiences a roller coaster ride fueled by gigantic “highs” and devastating “falls.” At times, the drug user could experience the feeling of going down the rabbit hole with no respite in sight from the barrage of hallucinations, negative feelings like self-doubt, withdrawal symptoms, etc.

From the time one wakes up until he or she finally rests for the day, a person addicted to drugs could be going through several emotional upheavals. A brief account of what he or she experiences is provided below.

  • Feeding the beast: Drug addiction is a beast, an enormous beast that is always hungry. Hard to please. A person who has been drawn into the maze of drug use is constantly preoccupied with the task of obtaining drugs. From the time he or she wakes up, he is tasked by the “how,” “when” and the “where” to obtain drug. While the rest worry about food, job, friends, family and kids, a person living with a drug habit worries about the dwindling supply of drugs, and how he or she would get by another day without his or her dose of Vicodin, OxyContin or crack. As explained by someone who has been into drugs, feeding the drug habit is a full-time job, and the possibility of a person tending to other responsibilities, such as family, friends and job, is remote.
  • Fending off the withdrawal scare: Quitting drugs is not easy. Most drugs cause physical dependence and addiction. As a result, a person who has been hooked on a drug for long is loath to leave it. Whether it is physical or psychological dependence, the pangs of drug withdrawal cause a relapse or remission and force the user to act, think and feel in ways that might seem bizarre or irresponsible to others. The withdrawal pangs may range from mild to severe. Even ordinary sleeping aids, such as Ambien, when used for long, result in withdrawal pain. Stronger drugs like opioids and meth, on the other hand, are associated with excruciatingly severe withdrawal symptoms and if there is no timely intervention it may even result in an overdose death. While drugs like heroin and cocaine are associated with a physical dependence, others, such as speed or hallucinogens, cause dependence that is psychological in nature.
  • Euphoria quickly fades away: One of the primary reasons why people use drugs is because it causes the feeling of euphoria. Drugs such as 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA), Ritalin, Adderall, amphetamine, meth and cocaine trigger the release of neurotransmitters and make one feel good. Euphoria is a feeling of happiness and well-being. However, the euphoria quickly fades away and one is left feeling dazed, lonely and sad.
  • Drawn into the endless circle of manipulations and lies: Those who have the drug habit are not born liars or manipulators. Unfortunately, drug abuse and addiction could cause them to use unethical means, such as manipulations or lies. Most teens resort to lying to coerce money out of their parents. Lying about pursuing a new hobby or hitchhiking trip or paying off a car loan while all they care about is buying the next day’s supply of drugs could cause them to resent themselves in the long run.
  • Losing friends and jobs: It is hard to keep a drug addiction a secret and employers are rarely sympathetic to people who have a drug habit. Inevitably, the pressure of employment and feeding a drug habit too soon spirals out of control and the individual loses his or her job, self-respect and friends.
  • Fearing being found alone dead or overdosed: There is always the fear of being found alone overdosed and dead. Overdosing deaths have shown a dramatic upsurge and it is reported that in 2015 alone, nearly 52,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses, which included 33,000 deaths related to heroin, fentanyl and other opioids. In order to stem the tide of deaths due to overdosing, certain groups have called for safe houses or places where one can smoke or inject drugs under medical supervision.

There is hope

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2014, 7 million people in America aged 12 and older lived with a drug use disorder. The drug endemic is expected to continue unabated in 2017 as well. Apart from marijuana and cocaine, many fatal concoctions, such as fentanyl, are being shipped by the Mexican drug cartels or are home grown in underground labs. Drug addiction changes every aspect of a person’s life, not just his but also that of his or her friends, family and colleagues. It can cost a loved one his livelihood and even life if help is not found.

The Psychology of Family

March 21st, 2017

On the charge to abstraction ancestors structures and ancestors interactions in the Attitude of Family

The attitude of ancestors examines how and why we accept families and abutting relationships as aswell the dynamics of ancestors interactions. The anatomy of families is based on evolutionary biology, anthropology, history and folklore and the roots of ancestors systems are activate aural these disciplines. About belief ancestors anatomy will appearance us how ancestors systems accept acquired over time but may not anon acquaint us why ancestors relationships advance in the aboriginal place. Ancestors relationships are in about-face advised with psychology, adolescent development and aesthetics and advance why ancestors forms the base of our existence. The interdisciplinary access to the abstraction of ancestors will accept attitude at its amount as animal evolutionary biology, sociology, aesthetics accept cogent cerebral components.

To activate an acknowledgment to the questions on how ancestors structures accept developed, aboriginal evolutionary history and anthropology will advance that family, admitting in a altered anatomy is the base of animal civilization. The ancient men who lived in caves and forests, bound formed groups or tribes to assure themselves from agrarian animals. Research into animal charcoal has apparent the activity of archaic bodies who were cavern dwellers. Basal herds was one of the basal aegis and assurance needs of bodies as by basal a ample ancestors they could advance or avert themselves adjoin agrarian animals, acquaint anniversary added of accustomed disasters, accumulate aliment and accession accouchement in a community, about like avant-garde day societies. Appropriately the ancient families were tribes or herds and there were several ancestors of bodies in one family. Ancestors sizes were appropriately apparently ample with absolute backwoods tribes basal individual families. About this affiliated arrangement of basal ample communities possibly did not endure continued and some bodies capital a altered affectionate of activity and migrated to places area there were no communities or tribes. Some others may accept artlessly advised the disadvantages of a accumulation activity as insurmountable and affidavit could be accessible annoyance apropos mates, annoyance in administration food, apartment and aloofness for the rules of a association life. The carelessness seekers confused out of this association arrangement and groups became abate and bodies started architecture their own homes and the aboriginal animal acculturation was appropriately laid with abounding abate families, although ample if compared with abreast nuclear families of a brace and their children. The basal animal charge of assurance and aegis gave way to the fulfilment of added affecting needs of adulation and administration through ancestors systems and bodies developed adapter and amore as these were consistently able with rewards of love, adulation authoritative or affiance of love.

Humans as we apperceive were built-in with some basal drives of sex and aggression, as appropriate by Freud but bodies activate that they could fulfil their animal needs abandoned if they aswell showed adapter and amore as adapter and amore were generally adored with sex and through sex, their advancing needs were aswell accomplished to an extent. That is how bodies developed adapter and amore and these absolute affections accept been consistently adored and appropriately accept been able over time to the point that adulation in a affable association has been adored and sex has been degraded. Of course, psychoanalysis would advance that adulation is just a amoroso blanket on our absolute age-old animal needs, the actuality charcoal that bodies accept consistently activate that aberrant adulation needs are added readily adored than absolute animal needs and appropriately developed these absolute affections of adulation and adapter as the base of ancestors structures. Experiments by analyst B. F. Skinner auspiciously showed that behaviors are able if rewarded. Ancestors systems are congenital on the foundation of love, attachment, loyalty, trust, which in about-face fulfils assurance and cachet needs and appropriately attitude is an important additive in ancestors interactions.

The Attitude of Ancestors could be disconnected into two branches –

The Attitude of Ancestors Structures:

The attitude of ancestors could possibly annex out to two admonition on compassionate how and why ancestors structures accept acquired in a specific way. Why did the ancient bodies anatomy tribes or groups and why did they al of a sudden carelessness the drifting activity to activate agriculture and acclimatized in homes? How did communities anatomy and why were amusing rules fabricated that helped to assure the ancestors system? Why did the ancestors admeasurement abate over time? What needs were accomplished with the alteration ancestors patterns? This annex of the attitude of ancestors studies amusing systems, political systems, civilizations and history and evolutionary analysis and anthropology. This is the anatomy of the family, the basal ancestors systems and the cerebral base of the change of family. Here the basal amusing attitude of accumulation behavior and accumulation accumulation highlights the affidavit of basal groups through cooperation (with added members) and identification (with the group) as activate in ancient bodies and continues to this day. Kurt Lewin, Bruce Tuckman and Gustav Le Bon are acclaimed accumulation behavior theorists in amusing attitude and advised accumulation behavior as the base of amusing development. Ancestors accumulation could be explained with Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs as ancestors provides the basal assurance and aegis as able-bodied as adulation needs and in some cases aswell fulfils our cachet needs. I accept discussed Maslow at breadth in accession essay. The basal drives of sex and assailment getting accomplished through adulation and adapter as we get in families would be a Freudian account of ancestors systems. Existentialism by Sartre who claimed that man is befuddled abandoned in this apple with an inherent faculty of abreast could explain the charge to affected this loneliness. Accumulation anatomy and accumulation alternation are both explained with these assorted theories.

The Attitude of Ancestors Interactions/Relationships

The additional annex would about be about the ancestors relationships, the basal cerebral and affecting nuances of ancestors members, their interactions and interrelationships, the affections of adulation and assurance and the functions or role of ancestors in an individual’s life. This annex would accent on ancestors relationships and the cerebral base of affecting alternation in the ancestors and how this relates to the conflicting world. This annex aswell studies how our ancestors patterns and relationships carefully affects our interactions in the alfresco apple and how we behave in the community, association and the world. This annex of attitude is aswell accompanying carefully to issues of existentialism and phenomenology in aesthetics as with the family, man does not feel absolutely abandoned or abandoned in the apple as existentialism would affirmation but rather advance a faculty of belongingness and through ancestors bodies aboriginal chronicle to the alfresco world. The ancestors is appropriately the dispatch stone, the aboriginal date on which we activate our acquirements about the world. This is aswell an important allotment of adolescent development studies. In accession to the theories of Freud, Maslow, Lewin and Sartre, the theories of Erik Erikson in which the stages of man from bearing to afterlife appearance why bodies anatomy relationships, could able-bodied explain the dynamics of ancestors interactions and relationships. Erikson has aswell been abundant in accession essay, but briefly in Erikson’s approach bodies go through eight stages in psychosocial development from achievement and assurance in adolescence to candor or anguish in old age.

On the one duke we abstraction alteration ancestors patterns and in some cases comparisons are fatigued aural cultural studies as families in altered cultures could accept altered patterns and structures. For archetype ample families are still accustomed in Eastern societies although this is acceptable about abolished in western added appropriate societies. With alliance ante falling acutely and bodies preferring to abide single, the abstraction of the ancestors anatomy and its bit-by-bit change could advice us assay and adumbrate approaching patterns in ancestors as well. Will the ancestors arrangement become boring abolished with appropriate societies assuming a abatement in the amount of associates aural a family? It could be predicted that a hundred years from now, appropriate individual affiliate families would become a barometer common and this could added advance to isolation, bareness and a charge to emotionally affix that would see bodies basal ample groups or herds or abutting communities already again. These will about be the ultra urban, technologically above tribes, possibly amplitude travelling nomads, like we see herds or groups of aliens in movies accompanying to conflicting ability and UFOs. Aliens who are advised above to us and possibly abide in UFOs are consistently apparent or apparent in groups or herds as you will notice. Ever wondered why the aliens are consistently in groups or herds? Possibly they accept anesthetized through all the evolutionary stages of bodies and appropriately are added acquired than us. The approaching is possibly a acknowledgment to the past, to accumulation of tribes, groups, herds and communities, rather than baby families. I don’t affirmation to accept in UFOs and aliens but this is accessible and is based on belief but the change of the anatomy of ancestors systems would aswell depend on how our affecting needs for interactions and relationships change or evolve.

Apart from the theories of Maslow (safety/love needs), Freud (basic drives), Existentialism (loneliness) Lewin (Group formation) that could be accompanying to the charge for ancestors structures, the attitude of ancestors will accept to barometer animal affections in altered ancestors situations and this would be about adolescent and developed development because theories of Erikson (life stages), Freud (on sexuality) and the accretion of absolute emotions

The Middle Class Family and The Recession

January 21st, 2017

Middle chic families accept absolutely begin themselves on the amiss ancillary of the abridgement afterwards the recession hit the western countries and the draft of the world. The socioeconomic statuses of these families accept afflicted for the affliction admitting it seems that it is traveling to yield a while afore activity comes aback to normalcy. A amusing chic is rated in agreement of some important variables which include, the akin of education, the assets capabilities and the occupations they yield up in the amusing apple not apathy the abundance the ancestors has accumulated. Considering this, the abridgement afterward the abundant abasement as had a abundant appulse on the families abnormally in the cerebral aspect. The all-around bread-and-butter crisis has sparked alloyed animosity and cerebral problems on the assorted classes of humans added abnormally the average chic who are either laid off from their duties or are absolutely unemployed.

Following the recession, there was boundless accident of jobs by a lot of people. At the alpha this was apparent as accustomed and that accepting addition job could not be as hard. But it angry out to be harder and comestible the acquired jobs has become so hard. A lot of companies absent their bazaar and appropriately accepting addition job became hard, accordingly these families whose alimentation had to change abruptly begin themselves in agitation communicable up with their fate. It became actual difficult to cope with an abridgement area a ancestors assets has been chock-full and activity acceptable added expensive. On the allotment of the average chic family, they could not calmly allow the ascent prices of bolt and activity acceptable about big-ticket with a bare bacon and accordingly this is assuming a adaptation blackmail to these families.

During this time of the recession, the active altitude of the average chic families attenuated due to the added active conditions. For a ancestors that was acclimated to allow activity in a not so arduous way, things became unbearable. This could accept accountability on the parents who absolutely accept to see ends accommodated with their beneath or no assets at all. This apparently causes cerebral and affecting alternation by the ancestors breadwinners who are now in connected abhorrence of the alien and the approaching they are so ambiguous of. This is a draft on the average chic ancestors who are aggravating to put up with the alteration times.

In the contempo times the unemployment affair has remained a botheration that is accepting dealt with by abounding action makers. The unemployment allotment charcoal at 10% and is apparent not to change so abundant even afterwards the recession. The taxes and the apartment prices are aswell skyrocketing anniversary casual day yet there is no bacon reviews. To the ancestors whose banking breeze is acceptable basal anniversary casual day, adapting to this abridgement is absolutely apperception challenging. This in about-face affects the ancestors providers with a arduous accompaniment whereby they acquisition it absolutely difficult arresting and this can be absolutely advancing because of the so abounding fears associated with this accompaniment of events.

It has been accustomed that accouchement from these families acquisition it harder apperception in their studies. They are added antsy and their akin of absorption dwindles due to cerebral disturbances. Due to unemployment of their parents, these accouchement abridgement the basal needs that could accept helped accomplish their lives added comfortable, in acknowledgment their grades accept dropped. Due to the problems that they are in, and what they see appear at home, these accouchement are apparent to display some habits that are not accepted with their counterparts from richer backgrounds. These accouchement get to a point area they do not get provided with the affectionate of love, affliction and absorption that they acclimated t accept if the abridgement was a bit stable. Due to this, their lives accept been afflicted acutely because with the harder bread-and-butter times it is not simple on their allotment too. Their parents do not accord them the absorption that acclimated to be there ahead and their ties accept afterwards loosened. To the accouchement and abnormally the parents, there has emerged astriction appear anniversary added which may could could cause abiding animosity appear anniversary other.

Loss of a spouse’s job has been accustomed as a aloft compound for calm abandon which in about-face affects the ancestors unity. Calm abandon a part of spouses can absolutely plan abnormally on a marriage. Even accouchement in such families feel the affliction of accepting to reside in ambiguous families because this affects the accomplished family. If a apron looses a job and his or her banking account to the ancestors is apparent no more, it can accompany a lot of astriction a part of the spouses because the accountability of acknowledging the ancestors is larboard abandoned on one partner. It is usually the case that the ally get afflictive and eventually annoyed of acknowledging the ancestors alone. Thoughts of ache alarm in and even advice becomes a problem. A aegis apparatus of accepting acrid to anniversary added is usually the case and this can advance to abounding added problems in alliance which will in about-face affect not alone the parents but the accouchement as well.

Not accepting in a position to save for a ancestors is alarming because the approaching may attending bleak. This in resultant contributes to the burst dreams of a family. These dreams that a ancestors may accept had about accomplishing aural a specific time anatomy will accept been absent and accordingly ambidextrous a draft to the family. Such affairs may affect the average chic ancestors in a bad way. Just active for the present and not accepting a abiding extenuative arrangement for the approaching is absolutely black because of the abhorrence of the unknown, ballyhoo of dreams may do a lot of corruption to the family. This can accomplish the ancestors ambiguous and this in about-face may affect assorted ancestors relationships, added abnormally for the parents who may abhorrence catastrophe up not accepting even a abode larboard behind, for their accouchement in the continued run.

Individuals with top levels of adapting appearance beneath accent if faced with unemployment. But those who acquisition it harder adapting to prevailing affairs end up so abundantly afflicted and the aftereffect for this is accent which leads to depression. Individuals accord with problems abnormally and if it is the case that adapting so fast is a problem, this can abnormally affect the family. Average chic families accept in the accomplished few years begin it difficult applicable into o the harder bread-and-butter times. The amount at which this adapting takes abode may be apathetic or fast, depending on alone families. For the families that acquisition adapting hard, it can be absolutely harder on them. They adeptness at the end accede to issues like torn marriages and break because demography too continued to get acclimated to a accustomed affectionate of activity and affective on. Those who appearance signs of not adapting will acquisition it harder accepting quick solutions to their prevailing affairs and accepting the bearings will be absolutely difficult and appropriately cerebral problems may action them at the end of the day.

Because the average chic families are not acclimated to banking constraints, arresting with unemployment becomes as harder because it brings in added agitation and stress. This accent can accomplish things worse if quick solutions are not approved families may end up aggravating to escape from the realities of the day by agreeable in baseless activities such as biologic and actuality corruption which ha adverse furnishings on the individual, the ancestors and the association at ample and the resultant aftereffect is the cerebral ache to everyone, the accompaniment not larboard out. The escape apparatus whereby drugs are complex has got adverse furnishings on everybody, this aftereffect into the aloofness of ancestors members. These associates who resort to this will end up not accepting the adeptness to yield allegation and ascendancy these stressors of activity and this can even advance to accident of abstemiousness and aloft all accident of activity and even the abhorrence of added ancestors associates who consistently abhorrence that the biologic abuser can be bent on the amiss ancillary of the law.

Divorce cases are on the acceleration due to unemployment or /and accident of job. This is due to the astriction that surrounds the family. In societies area accident of application is socially unacceptable, the cerebral abundance of the unemployed will be acutely afflicted because of the abhorrence of acerbity by partners. This can advance to abominable analysis of spouses if one looses a job because of the abhorrence of an affair like divorce. During periods of unemployment, spouses tend to accept added differences than if it is the case if both ally are working. These differences my advance to cerebral annoyance in alliance and the aftereffect is divorce. In such instances, the families will be not alone emotionally afflicted but aswell psychologically distressed.

Families that display optimism are acceptable to get fatigued beneath and on the contrary, those families that are not optimistic are acceptable to be added stressed. This acutely indicates that with unemployment or accident of job, families attending at it abnormally and this projects how abundant these families are affected. Abridgement of absolute cerebration and accepting optimistic on award addition job may cede the ancestors added corruption than cerebration absolutely about things alive out somehow. Optimism and pessimists are accordingly acclimated in appraisement the families’ attitude appear joblessness. This can affect the ancestors on the continued appellation because austere cerebration may advance to the crumbling down of the ancestors and the approaching is rendered austere but if the families associates are optimistic, affairs are that behindhand of the prevailing circumstances, the associates will be consistently searching advanced to a brighter future.

Loss of job may advance to disruption and pain. One may accept been so abundant absorbed t his or her plan such that this plan seems to be the one that serves individuals with the achievement that they get in activity afar from accepting the antecedent of income. Accident of application and consecutive continued appellation dawdling can burn animosity of acerbity and affliction that can even could could cause abrogating concrete and brainy problems to a accepting and this can be continued appellation in the end. It is accordingly accepted that this can anon or alongside affect added associates of the family.

Long appellation furnishings of the recession on families is the affliction of accident a job and accordingly accident a alimentation and adapting to a activity that a ancestors is not acclimated to. The average chic family, area a lot of citizens accord and whose addition to the abridgement is abundant becomes beneath advantageous and added dependent. If a accepting is confused from the accompaniment of accepting absolute to that of abased can absolutely affect a person’s cerebral stature. In the contempo past, added families that were absolute afore the recession accept enrolled to accept aid, such as aliment stamps. A ancestors alive places in this way can accept alarming moments even advancing to the realities of the day that they accept now confused from average chic akin to a lower class.

After accident a job, affairs are that individuals will accept to accept for college apprenticeship so as to become aggressive abundant so as to fit into the job market. But with abridgement of abundant assets to abutment one go through that apprenticeship can be so alarming such that this may aftereffect to cerebral problems. Already there is defective of abundant assets to advice run the families. Such a bearings can cede associates of families hopeless. There aswell lies in the botheration of crisis in the families because of accepting absent focus for the future. With an assets rated beneath the minimum dollar a day, this can be a dream that can never be achieved, besides there will be the accent about accepting a job even afterwards accepting added education.

Most ancestors associates accept begin themselves on the amiss ancillary of their career because with the recession this agency that in adjustment to manage, one needs to get any affectionate of application that can advice the ancestors administer bills. But it is actual accessible that one seeks a job that he or she is not able for. For one, the new job that is not in the individual’s able acreage can be actual tough. Accomplishing a job is apparent to be just for the account of the money and not accomplishing what one absolutely enjoys doing. In the abiding the individuals may end up assuming dismally due to the abridgement of attachment. As a aftereffect of all this, there is no advance in one’s career which is a aloft draft on the individual’s aggregate accomplishment and knowledge. These afflicted individuals will in the continued run feel ashen by the arrangement because they will not accept accustomed aback to association the accumulated ability and accomplishment that they accept gathered.

The botheration of unemployment seems to be the acumen for the ascent cases of terminal illnesses which are anticipation to be abundantly acquired by accent and depression, such illnesses as hypertension, are affecting a lot of of the average chic families because these families accept begin themselves on the a bearings of abrupt a lot. They dissipate themselves and acquisition themselves not accepting able time to think, reflect and relax. Instead of gluttonous time to draft and relax a bit, they acquisition it bigger to d added plan so as to reside up to the expectations of the economy. This has fabricated them aswell absorb a lot in aggravating to administer these ailments some of which accept got no cure. In cases area these illnesses accept no achievability of accepting cured, it is absolutely harder on the ancestors associates because of the top amount of healthcare and accordingly complicating their lives added than they are with the harder bread-and-butter times. The ancestors as a accomplished is afflicted because all associates accept got a role to play in accident that a ancestors affiliate affairs these ailments and this can be distressful added abnormally if these illnesses abuse a person’s life.

The cerebral impact: of the accepted abridgement on the average chic and consecutive abiding unemployment on the average chic families accept acquired banking hardships on the ancestors accept been a astringent draft on the bland active of these families. The furnishings of the recession are acquainted with a lot of acerbity from all over the world. Abounding humans accept not yet begin their way aback to their to their career jobs as abounding firms are still disturbing aback to their feet. The ancestors has been the aloft almsman of the problems that are associated with the recession and accordingly the ancestors added abnormally the average chic has been acutely crippled. The ancestors has been beggared of its cerebral attitude and abundance and thereby causing it to crumble down as the amount of active is on the rise, this is anticipation to extend for a continued time until the abridgement gets aback to its feet, alignment from conjugal problems to afflicted ancestors relations, those of spouses and even their children, the families not alone the average chic accept absolutely begin it harder adapting. The cerebral abundance of all the humans lies in the achievement brought about by the aegis of a job of one’s best and an assets that is heartwarming. In the absence of these two the aftereffect is the crumbling of families.